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Own Your

Place On

The Stage

The Stage provides you an ownable address in the metaverse and is a gateway to expansive 3D worlds. Phase One land mint is now closed.


The Stage enables ownership of unique spatial environments in the metaverse. Stage land plots represent your address in the metaverse and are front doors to expansive 3D spaces and worlds.

The Stage is Stageverse’s flagship world and the focal point of the Stageverse experience and community. It’s a social hub, spawn point, discovery and curation layer, and launchpad to explore Spaces across the Stageverse ecosystem. Stage land plots act primarily as gateways to other expansive spaces via portals, and landowners can personalize and build on their plot in many different ways to promote the “front-door” to their expansive world.

Each individual plot of land has specific coordinates and a listing on the the Stage map. Individual listings can be customized with photos, icons, descriptions and more to promote identity on the map.


Stage landowners receive several premium benefits.



Receive token rewards and enhanced map visibility based on a variety of factors including length of ownership, space engagement, and other factors.

Revenue Share & Rentals:

Get revenue share for commerce occurring on land plus rental opportunities for others to host experiences on your land.

Community Visibility


Landowners gain visibility on the Stage map, along with a public listing that outlines details about the land, space, and associated experiences.

Neighborhoods & Estates:

Form neighborhoods with adjacent landowners organized around a shared identity, collectively creating more visibility and influence. Create estates by joining adjacent land plots that you own to provide more space to interact on the Stage as well as increased visibility on the Stage map.

Exclusive Access


Access a private Stage community group, where you can contribute to the future priorities associated with the Stage.

NFT Drops:

Get early access to new NFT Space, Avatar and Object projects within Stageverse.

Land Sale

200,000 exclusive Stage land plots available over multiple phases.

Land Sale Mechanics

There are a total of 200,00 land plots on the Stage. They will be sold in phases beginning in the center of the map, with the initial phase being sold within a short timeframe, selling up to a maximum of 12,000 plots (the first two ring bands). Phase 1 land will be minting in Summer 2022 and price will be announced soon. Each wallet can mint up to 50 plots of land.

Pre-Sale & Allow List

Stageverse is all about enabling digital communities to connect in more meaningful ways online, thus to get access to our pre-sale all you need to do is form a Neighborhood with at least two other people. The Neighborhood pre-sale will occur a few days prior to the public sale. There is also an allow list allocated for Stageverse friends, family and investors.

For more information on Land Sale mechanics visit our docs.


Communities can join together on the Stage to form unique Neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods are hubs for social interaction and community. They are made up of a group of friends, a community, or others who have shared interests. They are formed by linking adjacent plots on the Stage and serve to amplify a group’s visibility and impact.

Each Neighborhood has a founder who initiates it and then invites others via a shareable link. Neighborhoods require a minimum of 3 people (wallets) to qualify for the presale, and can have up to a maximum of 250 land plots.It’s best to form Neighborhoods pre-mint, as post-mint they will be more difficult to form, since they will require consensus from each individual adjacent landowner. For more on Neighborhoods visit our docs.

Create a Neighborhood today to gain first access to land on the Stage!


We're just getting started...


We're dedicated to making it as easy as possible for creators, communities and brands to create personalized spaces in the metaverse. Soon, we'll be launching a variety of easily customizable templates and tools for those who want to get going quickly, as well as a SDKs for advanced creators to imagine and build their own unique world.


We're building an interconnected ecosystem of ownable assets in the metaverse. We have big things in store for our generative Avatar and Spaces NFT collections that will enable a new dimension of artistic expression and interaction.


We're building incentive structures and economic systems that reward creators for the value they produce in the community, without extractive middlemen and exorbitant platform taxes. Included in this is an NFT Marketplace and Utility Token, which will be used for trade and payments across the Stageverse ecosystem.